Verde Ditch sign

Irrigation water in the Verde Valley primarily comes from the Verde River and its tributaries. Forty-two ditch companies in the valley redirect surface river water to irrigate crops, water lawns, and provide for landscaping. There are seven large ditches on the main stem of the Verde.

In the past, few records had been kept regarding intake and return flows on ditches. Currently, The Nature Conservancy and the Verde NRCD work with some of the large companies to improve irrigation practices and to create incentives for water management to keep more water in the river for wildlife and recreation.

We will be adding contact information for those ditches that cooperate with the Verde NRCD. Two Ditch Companies have websites you can visit to learn more.

Verde Ditch:

Diamond S Ditch:
Email:  Bob Ellison

Eureka Ditch

Mason Lane Ditch

The Visit Camp Verde website has an interesting article about the historic ditches in the Camp Verde area.