Since its inception, the Verde NRCD has taken a leading role in helping landowners within its boundaries make more productive use of soil and water resources. The success of the NRCD lies in an emphasis on local control, local knowledge and local leadership to achieve conservation. The Verde NRCD includes portions of both Yavapai and Coconino counties. While the vast majority of land within the Verde NRCD’s borders is national forest, the District also includes state, tribal and private lands.

It is the goal of the Verde NRCD to maintain and enhance the quality of life in the District through science and tradition-based management of natural resources.

The Verde NRCD is governed by a 5 member elected Board of Supervisors. The Board meets monthly and the meetings are open to the public.

For more information please see our Print Brochure and 5 Year Strategic Plan.

Surface Water Education

Understanding Surface Water Availability and Water Rights in the Verde Valley is big part of our mission. These two .pdf articles produced by the Nature Conservancy explains many of the complexities of Water Rights and resources you can use as you research water issues that may apply to your property.

Understanding Surface Water Rights in the Verde Valley, Arizona

Evaluating Surface Water Right Filings in the Verde Valley, Arizona
A landowner’s guide to understanding surface water documentation