There are many resources available to individuals seeking to irrigate properties in an efficient fashion. One of the best is the Arizona Department of Water Resources.

Landscaping – Residential & Professional

The largest use of potable water in Arizona is for landscaping and as much as 70 percent of residential water use is outdoors. Millions of gallons are used annually to irrigate non-residential landscapes such as parks, golf courses, sport fields and resorts. Water use in all landscapes can be significantly reduced by using efficient and regionally appropriate designs, plant selection, and irrigation practices. Whether you live or work in the deserts, plateaus or mountains of Arizona, the following resources will be useful in planning, installing and maintaining beautiful, water-efficient landscapes.

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Irrigated agriculture is the largest user of water in Arizona, consuming about 74 percent of the available water supply. In the past, this percentage was as high as 90 percent; reductions have been the result of both urbanization of agricultural lands and heavy investment by the irrigated agriculture industry in conservation measures both on-farm and in delivery systems. 

These investments and practices help growers stretch water supplies, increase productivity and profits, manage situations of water-supply scarcity, reduce energy costs and meet the conservation requirements of Arizona’s 1980 Groundwater Management Code. 

The Arizona Department of Water Resources provides water-efficiency information and assistance for Arizona farmers and ranchers.

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An Arizona Success Story: Tedd Haas Irrigation Efficiency Success Story

Conservation of Family, Lifestyle and the Land. Arizona Farmer puts conservation in action.

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Small to Large Farm Irrigation: Save Water & Produce More